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AmanCup 2023: Celebrating Aman’s 3rd Anniversary

AmanCup 2023: Celebrating Aman’s 3rd Anniversary
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To commemorate Aman’s 3rd anniversary, Aman organized a sports competition and networking event called AmanCup on June 9, 2023. This spirited and joyful sports competition by Aman brought together participants from various companies such as Nobi, Asani, Fit Hub, WeNetwork, Eden Farm, and Transfez.

AmanCup would not have been possible without the support of the participants and sponsors who played a crucial role, including Optik Melawai, Asa Ren, Fit Hub, Youvit, and Edukita.

Now let’s take a closer look at AmanCup 2023!

AmanCup commenced with an opening speech by Tricia, followed by a ball toss to mark the beginning of the event. After the opening ceremony, the participants prepared themselves on their respective fields before the matches commenced.

One of the participants from Fit Hub expressed gratitude towards the event organizers and sponsors for hosting this Sports Day. According to him, the event provided an incredible opportunity for everyone to participate and showcase their talents and abilities in various sports disciplines.

During AmanCup, numerous exciting activities took place. There were futsal and badminton competitions, as well as a traditional Jakarta game called “bentengan.” Each competition was witnessed by enthusiastic spectators who provided encouragement and support to every participant.

Another participant from Asani expressed delight in taking part in AmanCup. He described the event as an unforgettable experience and expressed gratitude to the sponsors for their support. He also expressed hopes that similar events would be organized in the future.

In addition to the competitions, the event also featured other activities such as free eye and ear tests, as well as the distribution of gift vouchers from the sponsors. All the participants enjoyed these activities with great enthusiasm. They expressed their gratitude to the sponsors for providing unforgettable facilities and experiences. Overall, this year’s AmanCup was a resounding success filled with joy.

That concludes the spirited summary of AmanCup. Hopefully, similar events can be held in the future, allowing more participants to partake and benefit from such activities. We extend our gratitude to everyone involved in this event and the extraordinary sponsors.

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