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Competitive Premium & How Aman Can Help

Competitive Premium & How Aman Can Help

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  • Updated on 16 Aug 2023
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Maybe you have heard about insurance competitive premium, but do you know what it is? Let’s start reading this article for more information.

A competitive insurance premium is a price that an insurance company charges for its policies that is comparable or lower than its competitors. You must remember that price is the most important factor that consumers consider when choosing an insurance policy.

Insurance companies compete with each other to offer the best prices to attract customers. Price comparison websites have changed the insurance industry, and companies must set their premiums just right if they wish to remain competitive. 

Insurers are competing actively for insureds’ premiums and looking for economies of scale to offset and balance premium competition and thus develop more competitive premium pricing and cost savings for insurance policyholders.

However, maintaining a competitive advantage in the insurance industry is not just about offering the lowest price. Brokers wanting to remain competitive in a market where premiums are increasingly expensive should focus more on advising clients about the best scope and terms of cover, with regular communication and data-led insights.

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Influence Factors on Insurance Premium

There are several factors that influence insurance premiums, including:

  1. State Coverage Requirements
    The more coverage you’re required to buy in your state, the more you’ll pay for insurance.
  2. Age
    Older ones tend to pay more in premiums than younger one.
  3. Health Record
    If you have a history of illness or frequent medication, you can pay more for insurance.
  4. Credit History
    Insurers often use credit scores to determine premiums, so maintaining a good credit rating can help keep your premiums low.
  5. Zip Code
    Your location can affect your premiums due to factors such as population density and crime rates.
  6. Health Status
    For health insurance, factors such as your health, lifestyle, and family medical history can affect your premiums.
  7. Smoking
    If you smoke, you may pay more for life insurance.
  8. Coverage Requirements
    The scope of benefits included in your insurance plan, as well as cost-sharing requirements, can affect your premiums.

By understanding these factors, you can take steps to minimize your insurance costs and secure a competitive premium.

Tips to Secure Competitive Premium

Here are some tips to secure a competitive insurance premium:

  1. Minimize the variability of insurance costs
    A key goal of any good risk management plan is to keep insurance and other costs of risk low and less variable, with fewer and less extreme peaks and valleys. Plan for this by budgeting at the top end of the market.
  2. Keep your company’s loss ratio low
    Make sure you tell your insurer (through your broker) about all loss control/prevention measures in place, policies and procedures, physical protection, contractual transfers, etc. Give them copies of any policies, inspection forms, accident reports, training programs, etc.
  3. Build tripartite relationships
    Work together with the client and insurer to get the best terms. This improves trust and confidence with the insurer.
  4. Compare insurance rates
    Before you buy insurance, get at least three insurance quotes. The more comparisons you make, the better chance you’ll have of finding the best deal.
  5. Take advantage of discounts
    Many insurers offer discounts for things like bundling policies, having a good driving record, or being a member of certain organizations.
  6. Skip unnecessary coverage
    Review your policy to see if you’re paying for coverage you don’t need. For example, if you have an older car with a lower value, you could reduce collision and comprehensive coverage.
  7. Maintain a good credit rating
    Insurers often use credit scores to determine premiums, so maintaining a good credit rating can help keep your premiums low.
  8. Choose a top-rated insurer
    A low premium isn’t the only key factor; you also want an insurer that provides fair and fast claims settlements, good customer service, and help and advice.

By following these tips, you can help secure a competitive insurance premium while still getting the coverage you need.

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How Aman can Help You on Competitive Insurance Premium

In Aman, we have several benefits that can help you on this. Our team readily move to assist you anytime.

  1. Negotiating on behalf of clients
    Aman can leverage our channels with insurance companies to negotiate a competitive premium on behalf of you.
  2. Advising on the best scope and terms of cover
    Aman can advise you on the best scope and terms of cover, with regular communication and data-led insights. By understanding your unique needs, we can recommend policies that provide the right level of coverage at a competitive price.
  3. Providing objective and impartial advice
    Aman can provide objective and impartial advice on insurance coverage that is appropriate for your needs. We can also help you to better understand all aspects of the policy, including exclusions, and be transparent when it comes to insurance costs and the claims process.
  4. Comparing insurance rates
    Aman can compare insurance rates from multiple insurance companies to find the best deal for you. By doing so, we can help to secure a competitive premium without sacrificing coverage.
  5. Staying up to date on industry trends
    Aman stays up to date on industry trends and changes in the insurance market. This allows us to provide you with the most current information and advice on how to secure a competitive premium.

By working with us, you can benefit from our expertise, channels, and knowledge of the insurance industry to secure a competitive premium that meets your unique needs.

Contact Aman now and let’s chat together.

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